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Committed to helping New Zealanders fulfil their health, beauty and wellness needs, the first Hardy’s store was established in Hamilton, 1986.

Hardy’s has become one of New Zealand’s leading natural health retailers with owner-operated stores, offering quality natural health products and services to customers throughout the country. 
In addition to providing the highest quality products available, Hardy’s consultants undergo one of the most extensive training programmes within the health supplement industry. This on-going training programme includes guidelines on contraindications for existing medications, medical conditions and pregnancy to ensure peace of mind and safety. Equipped with in-depth information on a wide range of nutritional and herbal supplements, our consultants are natural health professionals.

The specialized service Hardy’s stores provide can also be accessed through our comprehensive website, to ensure our customers can enjoy Hardy’s advice, products and services wherever they are.
Company Overview

Hardy’s is committed to empowering New Zealanders with healthy, stress-free lives. Dedicated to the holistic wellbeing of our customers and their families, our consultants recognise that everyone has different health needs and goals, and will listen to our customers in order to provide effective, personalised health solutions.

With nature on our side, our stores are equipped with a carefully selected range of quality natural health products including nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, natural skin care treatments and cosmetics.

From energy tonics, weight-loss aids solutions and anti-aging formulas, to immune boosters and natural stress relief, Hardy’s stores can provide every health and wellness seeker with research-based professional products and advice.

It is medically proven that your body absorbs significant amounts of what you put on your skin. Our consultants believe organic and plant-based skin care is the key to natural beauty. Hardy’s extensive range of natural, regenerating cosmetics, skin and hair care products ensure we have the right preparation for your body type and needs.

Hardy’s consultants are passionate about sustainability. Not only do we seek to supply customers with the most effective health and beauty solutions, but understand wellbeing cannot be attained within a toxic environment. Our consultants are dedicated to sharing knowledge and information in support of living in a chemical-free, sustainable environment.

Our stores provide an enjoyable and enlightening shopping experience, assisted by consultants who care and take time to listen.

Hardy’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. Through research based and time-proven supplements and health and beauty products, we are dedicated to helping customers achieve their individual health goals in a safe, caring and relaxed atmosphere. 

Our friendly qualified staff are here to help you with any questions or offer free advice on your health needs.  To contact your nearest Hardy's Store click here to FIND A STORE 

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