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Good Health Red Super Krill 750mg 30 capsules

Why should I take Good Health Red Super Krill?Well-absorbed form of Omega-3 containing EPA and DHA components in the same phospholipid structure as our own cell membranes, allowing for efficient uptake.


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Also contains natural antioxidant Astaxanthin, which helps to protect cells from free radicals. Beneficial for those with:stiff, aching jointsdry, flaky, scaling skinsoft, brittle nailshigh cholesterol and/or blood pressure

Fast, easy dose of Omega-3 in fewer capsules, Take fewer capsules than standard fish oil, High in phospholipids (40%) for better absorption, Naturally rich in Astaxanthin for potent antioxidant protection, Low odour and reflux-freeKrill are sourced from an abundant and sustainable resource in the Antarctic ocean, Beneficial for learning & concentration, pre-menstrual health and to support cardiovascular & joint health 

Ingredients: Krill oil 750mg, Total phospholipids 300mg, EPA 90mg, DHA 49mg, Astaxathin 75mcg

Adults: 1-2 capsules daily with food  

People allergic to seafood should avoid taking or seek advice from their health professional first.