Radiance Kids Bone Boost 60 Chewable Tablets

Why should I Radiance Kids Bone Boost take? Kids need good nutritional support for healthy bones and teeth that is derived from calcium. According to many nutritionists, only dairy products that include milk and cheese are not effective sources of calcium and they need the right nutritional building blocks for well-structured, strong and resilient bones that can last them a lifetime.


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Radiance Kids Bone is the best dietary supplement that has been specially formulated keeping the kids need for calcium and providing it most effectively in tasty vanilla and caramel flavored tablets. It contains calcium and other vitamins and minerals for bone building.

It is aimed to reduce the bone risk in children and works to provide the right amount of calcium for healthy bones, teeth and muscles for proper development and growth.It also contains magnesium, boron and vitamin D which go a long way in strengthening bones and teeth.

Calcium 125mgMagnesium 25mgVitamin D3 100IUSilica 12.5mgBoron 125µgNaturally sweetened with fructose. Natural vanilla caramel flavour   

Children 2-3 years One tablet daily. Children 4-8 years: Two tablets daily. Children 8 and over: Two to four tablets daily.