Radiance Mineral Power 120 Tablets

Why should I use Radiance Mineral Power? Minerals are vital to overall mental and physical well-being. All tissues and internal fluids of living things contain minerals. Their list of functions covers almost every cell and every function in the body, the smallest of deficiencies may lead to dysfunction and disease.

Full spectrum multi-mineral for health and vitality


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It is well known that New Zealand soils are low in several minerals including zinc, boron, molybdenum and selenium. The majority of what dietary minerals we do get average only between 10-15% absorption. These two factors alone, without considering poor dietary practices and individual digestion capacities, mean that mineral deficiencies are common. Processing also removes or destroys the precious minerals in foods.“Tired all the time”, irritability, sluggishness, susceptibility to infection, poor wound healing and low energy are all signs that there may be a nutrient deficiency. Stress, work pressure, family demands, illness and many other problems deplete the body of the daily nutrients it needs to function properly and perform at its best. As we age our ability to digest and absorb minerals also declines.

Ingredients (per tablet):Calcium 500mg Molybdenum 25µgMagnesium 250mg Potassium 49.5mgBoron 1.5mg Selenium 25µgChromium 50µg Silica 10mgCopper 500µg Vanadium 25µgIodine 75µg Vitamin D 100IUIron 10mg Zinc 11.25mgManganese 2.5mg L-glutamic acid 25mg 100% vegetarian.

Radiance® Mineral Power® may be helpful wherever the diet is insufficient to meet the daily mineral nutritional needs of the body.

Dosage:One tablet daily.

None known. Always ask your product supplier or health professional if there are any specific precautions regarding your use of this or any supplement.