Radiance Man Power 60 Capsules

Why should I use Radiance Man Power? Radiance® Man Power™ is a complex natural herbal formula that gently supports the health of the male glandular and hormonal system.

100% natural herbal tonic for the support of normal healthy male virility


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Herbal tonic for the support of healthy energised and active libido, sexual ability and performance. It should be noted that Radiance® Man Power™ is NOT a herbal “Viagra®”. Although some people taking Man Power™ may feel the tonic effects in their wellbeing within a few days, others may need many weeks before the desired results are noticed. 

The effect of maintaining optimal health in these areas includes energising and activating the libido, sexual ability and performance. This is a formula that should be taken on a daily basis to help support function and wellness in the whole male system. Research suggests normal healthy sperm production and viability may also be supported by the herbs in this formula.It is interesting to note that some women also find benefit from this tonifying herbal formula. It is perfectly safe for women to take Radiance® Man Power™ to support healthy libido and sexual enjoyment, however, it is not recommended that they do so continually for more than 3 months without a break.

Ingredients per capsule:Horny goat weed 375mgMuira puama 100mgMaca root 100mgTribulus 75mgPanax ginseng 50mgDamiana 50mgGinkgo biloba 30mgCayenne 25mg

One or two capsules daily.

The supportive effects on energy and vigour of the herbs in Radiance® Man Power™ mean that people need to be sensible with their use of that energy if high blood pressure, heart disease or any other type of cardiovascular disorder is present. Discontinue use if nervousness, sleeplessness or anxiety occurs. Always ask your product supplier or health professional if there are any specific precautions regarding your use of this or any supplement.