Eco Tan

Eco Tan Winter Skin 300ml

Face and body honey tan


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Why should I use Eco Tan Winter Skin Pump?

Winter Skin is a daily nourisher designed for use in winter to help keep your skin feeling moisturised, tanned and silky smooth.  Contains a soft note of rose geranium.  Suitable for face and body.

Directions: Exfoliate your face and body with Eco Tan Extreme Exfoliant Glove before you apply Eco Tan Certified Organic Winter Skin at least 24 hours prior to tan application.Why? Exfoliating removes dead skin cells leaving you with smooth skin for an even application of tan. Pay particular attention to your feet, knees and elbows.Apply Eco Tan Certified Organic Winter Skin onto clean, dry skin using your hands. Use sparingly on areas such as elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. A light application of these areas with no excess product on your hands is recommended.

As you apply and rub, Winter Skin will turn white in colour which is useful as a guide to show you where you have applied Winter Skin.Wash hands thoroughly after application.

Eco Tan Winter Skin continues to develop for up to 8 hours – as it does not contain a bronzer nor any artificial or synthetic colours it won’t stain your clothes or sheets, so you can sleep in it if you wish.

To deepen the colour depth and prolong the life of your tan moisturize daily with Eco Tan Certified Organic Winter Skin, use a non-soap based body wash, and avoid using oils as a cleanser.  Ingredients:Uses Organic & Natural Ingredients