Pro-Erex Testo Support 60 Caps

Clinically researched Testosterone support for men


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 Why should I take Pro-Erex Testo Support?Men’s Pro-Erex Testo-Support is a synergistic blend of key herbs and nutrients to optimally support men’s overall health and wellbeing. Sexual health and libidoSexual performanceTestosterone levelsProstate healthEnergy levels, stamina and stress resistanceHealthy ageing and muscle massCardiovascular health, memory and brain function Features & benefits:Testofen is a clinically researched extract from the fenugreek plant, it has the remarkable ability to support testosterone levels in men, which naturally decline with ageing and poor health. As well as supporting the body’s ability to maintain muscle mass. New Zealand Grapeseed extract offers antioxidant support to help protect the body from the effects of ageing and stress. Siberian ginseng targets stress, fatigue and debility to support the body’s energy levels and offer antioxidant support. Selenium, zinc and vitamin D all support men’s reproductive health, including testosterone production, sperm health, fertility, prostate health and sexual function. Dosage:Take 2 capsules once daily with food. For best results combine with a healthy eating and exercise plan. Ingredients:Testofen® 300mg     Fenugreek (equiv. to dry) 9.9gNew Zealand Grapeseed extract (equiv. to dry) 9.5g     Providing Proanthocyanins (OPC) 28mgSiberian Ginseng (equiv. to dry) 500mgSelenium (as selenomethionine) 50mcgZinc (as gluconate) 7mgVitamin D3 12mcg Precautions:Take with food as the herbs may upset sensitive stomachs or those with a chickpea allergy as fenugreek may also cause an allergic reaction.Not recommended for those on warfarin, having chemotherapy, pregnant or breastfeeding or those under 18 years of ageDiabetics monitor blood sugar levels as the herbs may decrease blood sugar levels