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Spatone Iron 28 Sachets

Spatone Iron 28 Sachets


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Why should I take Spatone Iron?Spatone Iron are liquid sachets of totally natural iron containing spa water. Each sachet provides 25mg of ferrous sulfate (equivalent to 5mg of iron). A gentle, easily absorbed, clinically proven natural liquid iron supplement.100% naturalClinically testedGentle on the stomachIdeal during pregnancySpatone is packed into convenient sachets which can either be taken as they are or added to fruit juice - making Spatone the most convenient liquid iron supplement available. One sachet of Spatone provides you with your RDA of iron - ideal to maintain healthy iron levels. During pregnancy you can safely take up to two sachets a day.Directions for useRecommended daily dosage is 1 sachet of spatone (or up to 2 during pregnancy) to help you with your daily iron requirements. Do not exceed recommended use. Not suitable for children under the age of 2 years.