Lifestream Ultra Immunity Defence 30 Capsules

Lifestream Ultra Immunity Defence is a natural, powerful combination of clinically researched ResistAid® and Echinacea. ResistAid® is clinically researched to provide triple action immune defence for everyday protection against ills and chills. It also works as a prebiotic for optimal gut health to further strengthen the immune system and Echinacea provides added upper respiratory tract support.


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  • Product Benefits
  • Ingredients

  • Supports triple action immune defence:
    1. Innate immunity (first line of defence)
    2. Adaptive immunity (second line of defence)
    3. Antioxidant protection
  • Prebiotic support for the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • Upper respiratory health
  • Use daily to protect against ill and chills for optimal wellbeing 

Restaid, Echinacea