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Immunolume Pro

The Sunshine Supplement


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Taken for just 30 days, Immunolume PRO's sole purpose is to help people re-cover and flourish, thus achieving and maintaining optimal health and longevity. When activated by sunlight Immunolume PRO mediates your physical detox and reboots your immune system, assisting with auto-immune response problems. This diverse anti-inflammitory product supports overall energy levels and mood, as well as facilitating in a optimalising your overall well-being.

Immunolume PRO is taken over a 30 day course. It’s remarkable health benefits have been shown to continue for up to 12 months. The recommended dosage for achieving and maintaining optimal health is 2-4 capsules/day (1-2 bottles /month).  

6+ capsules/day (3+ bottles/month), to support poor sin/health, to be repeated no earlier than quarterly, to avoid over stimulating the immune system.