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 There are many reasons why children don't sleep - Night terrors, separation anxiety, digestive issues, growing pains, sickness and needing to go to the toilet!  Whatever the reason, it is exhausting as a parent not only waking with them, but dealing with irritable children the next day.When children are growing, restorative  sleep is essential for optimum health.  For many children lack of sleep inhibits their ability to function.  They become cranky and irritable which is often why some children need the comfort of a thumb or a 'blanky'.  It is already hard for children to deal with day-to-day tasks.  Picky children get pickier, cranky children get crankier and spacey children get further detached.  With insufficient production of melatonin (sleep hormone) and serotonin (happy hormone) necessary for memory and attention, poor sleepers tend to be poor students as well.Sleep replenishes the body on all levels; cellular, endocrine, immune, metabolic, physical and emotional.  Sleep repairs and restores major organs and brain chemicals needed for coping, memory and attention. How Tru2U Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate can help children sleepTru2U Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate contains natural melatonin. When taken one hour before bed it supports your child to reach their 'deep sleep' state, helping them get to sleep faster, and into a slightly heavier sleep.  In time the combination of the natural melatonin from Tru2U Tart Cherry Juice and the melatonin being produced by your child's body will help to regulate their body clock and form a natural sleep pattern everyone deserves. It is also helpful to:Establish a sleep programme including a set bedtime routine.  This is beneficial for all children but particularly for those who have problems in other areas such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Autism and Asperger Syndrome.  Following a set routine each night including taking the juice at the same time each night (1 hour before bed) will help.It is a good idea to banish television, computers or video games for at least an hour before bedtimes to calm young minds.As part of the bedtime routine include a calming and soothing warm bath.  Make sure your child's body temperature does not drop dramatically, so straight to bed.Read only one short story and turn the lights out.  Accept no excuses for more!What is melatoninMelatonin is the sleep hormone your body produces from the pineal gland in the brain.  It is one of the five main hormones that is released as you wind down at the end of the day to prepare you for sleep.  As you drift off to sleep more melatonin is produced but most is not produced until you reach your 'deep sleep' state, generally two to three hours after you have gone to bed.Melatonin production is also affected by light - it is only produced when it is dark.  It is imperative that your bedroom is dark, preferably no T.V. screens or lights.  If you wake in the middle of the night, even a digital clock radio produces enough light to signal your brain that day is coming, so your brain starts to reduce the amount of melatonin being produced. How much Tru2U Tart Cherry Juice shall I give my child?This depends on your child's weight and not age.  Use the table below to work out how much concentrate you child requires each night.  Please ensure that no matter what weight your child is, they are at least 8 months old and have been on solids for 2-3 months.  Body WeightConcentrate5 - 15kg5ml15 - 25kg8ml25 - 35kg10ml35 - 40kg15ml40 - 75kg20ml75 - 95kg30ml How to take Tru2U Tart Cherry ConcentrateAs Tru2U Tart Cherry Concentrate is a natural product it is best absorbed into the body diluted with water or mixed with a pro-biotic yoghurt.  Most children enjoy the taste, however as some children can be picky eaters you can try a variety of other ways.For babies that do not enjoy yoghurt, try mixing it in with some pureed fruit.  Apple and mixed berry varieties work particularly well.As children get older, you can mix Tru2U Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate with other fruit juices or try it as a ice-cream topping (chocolate ice-cream is especially delicious!).Kids love smoothies - try it with milk, yoghurt and other fresh fruit.  You can even throw in a tablespoon of flaxseed oil (brain food).   

5-15mls one hour before bed