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Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Daily Immune Kids 30 Satchets

Scientifically formulated probiotic for children.


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Inner Health Daily Immune Kids is specially formulated for children to support healthy immunity, a healthy digestive system and support their gut flora.
It contains the exclusive probiotic strain LGG which is one of the world's most researched probiotics for children.

Scientifically proven to:
- Help keep your child healthier.
- Reduce colds and days absent from childcare or school.
- Assist with faster recovery.

Each sachet contains an exclusive blend:

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (LGG) 1 Billion Live Bacteria.
Bifidobacterium Animalis SSP Lactis (BB-12) 1 Billion Live Bacteria.
Inulin 300mg.

Children over 2 years: Take one sachet daily. Add to water, juice or milk (warm or cold). Sprinkle on cereal, yoghurt or take as a powder Alternatively take as directed by a healthcare professional.