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NZ Hempress Hemp Oil with Terpenes 50ml

Phyto-Nutrient Rich Hemp oil with Terpenes.


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A high quality oil extracted from organic hemp seed contains highly nutritious compounds such as essential omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that can have benefits in supporting overall health and wellbeing. A study from 2014 found the lipid profile of hemp seed oil to be rich in healthful oils and fatty acids.

Although strains of the same plant family, hemp and marijuana are not the same. Both plants are cannabis, but scientifically their chemical properties, and their uses are completely different. Hemp is the original cannabis as nature intended, low in THC. Marijuana (which is slang) is cultivated by humans to produce higher THC. By removing the male plant away from the female plant it cannot reproduce. Therefore in order to reproduce the female plant will produce sticky trichomes in attempts to attract pollen from the male plant. These trichomes are high in THC.

Hemp oil is becoming more popular as a health and wellness remedy for a wide variety of different ailments including stress and skin issues. It may possess compounds that contribute to a reduced risk of certain issues commonly plaguing western populations, though more research is needed to fully determine what this oil hemp seed provides.

Organic cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Seed Phyto-flour


Linalool may help support the immune system while acting as an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory & sleeping agent


Myrcene's relaxing sedative effects may help promote calmness and relief while assisting with sleep.


Pinene may help combat cognitive and memory issues by improving memory function and increasing focus.

Limonene is an energizing terpene that may help support attention, mental focus, well-being and even sex drive.

Average daily dose: 3 drops 3 times daily

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.