Radiance Multi for Men 60 Tablets

Why should I take Multi for Men? Stress, work pressure, family demands, illness and many other issues deplete the body of the daily nutrients it needs to function properly and perform at its best.


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Radiance® Multi For Men is a well-balanced, synergistic blend of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients with herbs and plant enzymes that help tone and nourish the male system. An easily absorbed and assimilated formulation, free of iron, that provides a highly effective and powerful broad-spectrum nutritional and herbal daily dietary supplement. 

Ingredients (per tablet):Beta-carotene (Pro-vitamin A 12,500IU) 4.3mg Iodine 75µgVitamin B1 25mg Magnesium 50mgVitamin B2 25mg Manganese 2.5mgVitamin B3 25mg Molybdenum 25µgVitamin B5 25mg Potassium 12.5mgVitamin B6 25mg Selenium 25µgVitamin B12 100µg Vanadium 25µgCholine 25mg Zinc 7.5mgInositol 25mg Trace minerals 50mgPABA 15mg Alfalfa juice 50mgBiotin 50µg Amino acids 175mgFolic acid 400µg Barley grass 125mgVitamin C 250mg Chlorella 50mgVitamin D 100IU Chlorophyll 4mgVitamin E 100IU Green tea extract 25mgVitamin K 35µg Panax ginseng 50mgBioflavonoids 25mg Spirulina 125mgRutin 12.5mg Wheat grass 50mgBoron 500µg Amylase 5mgCalcium 50mg Bromelian 25mgChromium 50µg Lipase 12.5mgCopper 250µg Papain 12.5mgPepsin 12.5mg 

Usage:Helpful wherever the diet is insufficient to meet the daily nutritional needs of the body. Ideal for busy, active, athletic or stressed men, from 13 years of age.

Dosage:One tablet daily.