Spatone Iron 14 Sachets

Spatone 100% Natural Liquid Iron Supplement is a gentle daily iron provider and is ideal for everyone over the age of two, including pregnant and post-natal women.


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Spatone Iron is not manufactured. Spatone is a 100% natural iron food supplement collected from the mountains of Snowdonia, Northern Wales. This iron is naturally in water, so it's easily and gently absorbed by your body.
Faster, easier absorption...

Because the iron in Spatone is already in solution, the iron does not have to be dissolved in the stomach before it can be absorbed and then utilised. High absorption means less needs to be taken.
Avoid side effects...

The iron in Spatone is so easily absorbed, you need only take small quantities to get your entire average Actual Daily Iron Requirement. This is how you avoid the common side effects like constipation, stomach irritation and headaches so often associated with taking iron. You see it's not the iron you absorb which causes the side effects, it's the residual amount you're trying to excrete that causes the problems.

Spatone contains natural water with a high content of ferrous sulfate.

Each sachet provides 25mg of ferrous sulfate (equiv. to 5mg of iron).

One sachet of Spatone typically contains 5mg of elemental iron, clinically shown to have a 26 - 40% bioavailability compared to an average 5 - 20% from food sources and 3 -10% from conventional iron supplements in tablet format.

Recommended daily dosage is 1 sachet of spatone (or up to 2 during pregnancy) to help you with your daily iron requirements.

Do not exceed recommended use.
Not suitable for children under the age of 2 years.