Feeling Wired and Tired?

Friday, October 06, 2017

Are you feeling wired and tired? Sunlight, sleep patterns, caffeine, alcohol and sugary snacks can all contribute to how we feel.

Springing into spring

The seasons can have a say in how we feel.  It's possible that, as we head towards summer, you may already be starting to feel a bit more sprightly, energetic and happy.  The days are getting longer and the sun is finally reapperaing, which helps because, when we get more sunlight a change happens in our bodies.  Our body clock is a very real thing, which has to do with circadium rythms.

At the end of the day, when the light fades, our bodies produce melatonin, which helps us to ready ourselves for sleep.  When the sun comes up in the morning, we get a surge of seratonin which supports our moods and energy levels.  Our modern lives and the advent of electricity mean that we are nowhere near in tune with nature's timings as we once were.

Think about how fantastic you feel when you go camping at the beach and how you sleep and wake with the light.  Getting closer to this in your everyday life can help you increase your energy and feeling of vitality. If you don't want to embrace a caveman like schedule, Lambert, Reid and Kaye, are all researchers looking at the effect of sunlight on seratonin turnover in the brain, suggesting just 30 minutes of outside light each day can help with improving engery levels, mood and overall wellbeing.

Watch what you snack on

When you are feeling low in energy, your body responds by urging you to overeat.  It makes sense that if we're lacking energy, we would feel like refueling by consuming more energy. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that reduced sleep tricked the brain into responding more actively to food.  Scans showed that when food was introduced, the parts of the brain responsible for rewards tended to light up more.

When your body is tired, the cells believe that they need more energy, and will eat and eat until they feel energised. Of course, in the modern world, where high calorie food is readily available, this can quickly lead to us grabbing for pick me snacks like chocolate causing weight gain.

Avoid drinking your energy

Caffeine in the afternoon or alcohol in the evening may seem like a nice treat for a weary or overactive mind, but it's likey to disrupt your sleep cycle and make you less energetic the next day.  You may not think that a 3pm coffee or evening drink will hurt, but any amount of caffeine in the afternoon and alcohol at night can affect your quality of sleep.

Support your energy 

If you feel like your batteries are running low, supplements have been shown to help. Many adrenal/stress formulas contain adaptogenic herbs that can help support mental and physical capacities whilst maintaining energy levels.  Adaptogens are compounds that increase the body's ability to adapt to environmental factors and stressors, reducing damage to the body that is caused from stress.

Good Health's Adrenal Balance Day & Night Restore contains two formulas in one pack. One for day time and one for at night. Included in the formulas are nutrients that are used to nourish the adrenals, balance stress and nervous tension, which is ideal for those who are feeling wired and tired.  These people often need coffee to start the day and alcohol to wind down at night.

Solgar VM200 is a potent multivitamin.  Not only will it help increase your energy levels with high doses of B vitamins, but your immune health and liver function may also be improved by the other nutrients.

To find a formula to help put the spring back in your step, talk to one of our Hardy's Experts or submit your question here.