Introducing Diana

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Introducing our Expert Naturopath, Diana Burgess

Much like Hardy’s itself, Diana has a legacy of over 30 years in the health industry. Starting her career as a pharmacy technician, Diana trained as a Naturopath and practiced as a naturopathic GP in her clinic, Proactive Health, for over a decade before also recently training as a Nia (fitness fusion) dance teacher. A movement practice for mind, body and soul.

From her own story stems a passion of helping others

Diana’s own journey with health is fairly remarkable, starting with Bells Palsy, at just five years old, Achalasia (a rare swallowing disorder that affects the ability of food and liquid to move into the stomach) since she was seven years old and Ovarian Failure (which resulted in very early menopause) at the age of 22. From the devastation of an early menopause came two wonderful boys, now young men, via adoption and Diana’s youngest son being one of NZ’s very first donor egg babies.

Once Diana completed her family she turned her attention to her long term health. Not comfortable with the suggested course of a near-lifetime of hormone replacement therapy, Diana devoured the research and found her own, alternative, solutions. Claiming to have tried everything – from HRT to Chinese herbs and natural bio-identical hormones – it was from here that her passion for natural solutions was born.

What may have started as a way to manage her own health quickly turned into a passion for helping others, hence why she trained as a Naturopath. “You receive so much in giving,” as Diana often says. And give she has – having spoken around Australia and New Zealand on hormonal issues, and in Jakarta about general health and wellbeing, Diana has long been inspiring audiences and sharing her passion for achieving vitality internationally.

A proactive approach

Diana’s local naturopathic clinic, ProActive Health, with its promise of “inner health and outer beauty naturally” very much sums up Diana’s overall approach to health, which, as the name suggests, is all about a proactive approach and holistic prevention. “It’s one thing to actually be unwell, but it’s another to consider when the last time you truly felt your best was,” Diana says. “That’s what natural health and true vitality is about: feeling great every morning and having energy all day.” 

While Diana believes there are many cornerstones to a proactive and positive approach to natural health, she firmly believes that connecting the mind, body, and soul enhances wellbeing, that our thoughts have a huge impact on our physical health, and that it’s all about what we absorb and what we can digest and utilise. “A lot of our overall wellbeing starts with great gut health,” Diana adds.         

Feeling fabulous

Recently Diana celebrated the milestone of her 50th birthday.  Diana is happy to report that she is feeling more vibrant now than she ever has and her transformative health story is continuing to inspire others. Diana is quick to tell you that, “Life’s pretty darn good when you feel vital,”  


 So, whether you’re keen to hit 50 feeling fabulous, or simply want to take proactive steps now to be the very best you can be, come along with Diana and Hardy’s on your own health and vitality journey.  Diana will be regularly blogging on products, stories behind some of Hardy’s quality brands, health tips, recipes and so much more - to help get you feeling good!