Dolphin Clinic

Dolphin Clinic Calming & Revitalising Oil 10ml

This essential oil blend is perfect for calming and uplifting you. Ideal for relaxing and energising the mind. This makes a great aroma for a work or office situation, as it clears thoughts and calms stressful situations.


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  • To calm and uplift at the same time
  • Ideal for relaxing and energising the mind
  • Perfect for office or study

Juniper Oil Essential Oil
Lemon Oil Essential Oil
Ylang Ylang Oil Essential Oil

6 drops in 10mls carrier oil for massage or bath. 4-6 drops in vaporiser. Inhale direct from bottle. 3 drops in bowl of hot water or shower tray. 20 drops in 200mls water for spray.

Do not use if pregnant.