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EcoBasik All Purpose Cleaning Soap Spray 500ml

100% natural all purpose cleaning soap spray does not contain any synthetic detergents or fragrance. safe for you and the environment.

Will do multiple jobs with only a microfiber cloth as its best friend.

Cleaning the house is a job that usually requires numerous products, gloves and a respirator. not any more.


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  • Ingredients
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Water, potassium cocoate, sodium bicarbonate, orange essential oil.

To make sure work surfaces are clean just spray & wipe. for more stubborn grime spray, leave 10 minutes and then wipe.

Can be used on walls, sinks, worktops, vehicles etc. can also be used to spray on grimmy spots on clothing/laundry before being put in the wash.

Great on the bacon pan to degrease & the baked on crusty oven dishes to soften.

n.b. always do a test in a small, inconspicuous area to avoid any damage