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Good Health Gut Guard 150g

Good Health Gut Guard protects the gastrointestinal lining, helping to maintain healthy digestive function. Gut Guard contains two scientifically researched ingredients GutGard® to support digestive health and EpiCor® to support gut immunity. This formulation is rich in antioxidants and prebiotics and nourishes good bacteria.


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  • Precautions

  • Digestive/gut health concern
  • Indigestion and bloating issues
  • Colic and flatulence concerns
  • Intolerances and/or sensitivities
  • “Leaky gut” lining/digestion issues
  • Sporadic and on-going gut concerns
  • Long-term support for bowel comfort

Key Features: 

Contains scientifically researched herbal extract of declyrrhized licorice, flavonoid rich, GutGuard®.

  • Helps restore and protect a healthy gut.
  • Supports immunity along the gut lining with antioxidant benefits.
  • Helps to restore, settle and soothe the stomach and gut lining. Reduces H.pylori load.
  • Acts as a prebiotic to promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut lining.
  • Promotes probiotic compatibility.
  • Ideal for use as support and recovery for "Leaky gut" and other general gut health concerns.

With immune-enhancing properties and the prebiotic action of Epicor® plus additional gut restorative ingredients: glutamine, zinc, beta-carotene, aloe vera - essential nutrients for recovery.

  • Acts as a prebiotic to promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut lining.
  • Supports immunity along the gut lining, by its antioxidant benefit.
  • Nutritive ingredient for the digestive tract.

The combination of a prebiotic action coupled with antioxidant support assists healthy digestive function, for ongoing, normal gut health.

  • Helps to restore, re-balance and provide gut protection.
  • Supports the everyday digestive process of foods due to helping the gut recovery process from everyday wear and tear on the gut lining (leaky gut).
  • Helps to tolerate foods that have been a concern with regards to intolerance or sensitivities.

A restorative combination of gut-specific nutrients to help assist gut protection and recovery.

  • Comprehensive formula to help restore and help maintain normal gut function in the long-term.

Natural alternative to over the counter antacids

  • Won't disturb the natural pH of the gastric juices, while soothing and protecting the gastric acid and intestinal lining.

Adults, and teens from 13 years: Take 5g (equal to 2 level metric teaspoons) once daily with food or as professionally advised.

Children 6 -12 years: Take 2.5g (equal to 1 level metric teaspoon) once daily with food or as professionally advised.

Measure out the dosage using a baking/ cooking metric teaspoon or one purchased from a pharmacy. *Has a delicious berry tasting flavour and is suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans, due to insufficient ingredient information from the supplier.

None known. Please consult a Health professional if pregnant or breastfeeding