Lifestream Keto Greens Plus MCT 100g

Supergreens nutrient boost for energy and vitality, immunity, and weight management.


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Easy super greens nutrition with MCT for energy, body fuel and vitality support. The ideal nutrition support for low carbohydrate and keto lifestyle or just everyday use. Lifestream Keto Greens with Coconut MCT is a blend of certified organic Barley and Wheat grass grown in the South Island sunshine on the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand with the added goodness of MCT. Further blended with a touch of Monk Fruit and an all-natural light vanilla flavour, Lifestream Keto Greens is a truly delicious taste experience to support healthy everyday energy levels and metabolism. 

When should I take Lifestream Keto Greens?

Lifestream Keto Greens gives a super greens phytonutrient boost with
essential key nutrients and powerful plant ingredients to support
vitality and wellness. Keto Greens supports everyday health, a low carbohydrate or keto lifestyle. Helping with extra greens boost and micro-nutrients for everyday energy and vitality. Keto Greens supports healthy energy levels and metabolism with coconut MCT.
✓ Clean green energy with MCT
✓ Certified organic New Zealand greens
✓ Low carbs
✓ Keto friendly
✓ Nutrient top-up

What is the main ingredient in Lifestream Keto Greens?

Barley & Wheat grass Blend with coconut MCT blend are all in equal parts within the formula.
Barley and Wheat grass both contain powerful antioxidants like superoxide dismutase
(SOD) which is a super antioxidant for health helping against free radical damage.
Barley and Wheat grass also contain naturally occurring vitamins and minerals making
it an ideal greens blend for additional nutrition support for low energy or people with
busy lifestyles.
Coconut MCT – Medium chain triglycerides is natural energy fuel for the brain,
helping cognitive performance and overall energy levels and well-being. MCT helps
to support more than just energy, also helping with body fuel, metabolism, satiety and
brain function.
MCT oil is different in the way it absorbs in the body. MCT absorption happens more
rapidly. This means the body works to break down MCTs quicker than the long-chain
triglycerides forms of fatty acids and can act to turn MCTs into ketones, supporting
longer lasting energy

In addition to boosting nutrition during low-carb dieting, Keto Greens supports:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved metabolic function
  • A healthy fuel source for your body
  • Overall vitality and health

Adults: 1 heaped teaspoon into 50ml of water or juice
for a nutrient boost 1-2 times daily or as needed