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Iron Fer - 1 Test

Self-test for the detection of ferritin levels in whole blood samples.


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The Iron-FER Test detects the concentration of ferritin in blood, in order to define a possible iron deficiency in body. Several clinical studies have shown that the determination of ferritin levels in blood can be used as an aid in the diagnosis of an iron deficiency anaemia. A decrease can be also caused by pregnancy, tuberculosis, haemorrhages and alterations in iron uptake. The Iron-FER Test can be easily used at home from puberty, around 15 years, because before normal levels are higher than the decision value of the cut-off level of this test. The Iron-FER Test is recommended for all those who have a healthy and balanced life and, above all, for pregnant women: during pregnancy the need for iron is double and a deficiency in this stage of development can lead to complications at the brain of the foetus.

If you find yourself in iron deficiency you do not receive enough oxygenated blood, so you will feel very tired, exhausted and breathless enough to have some difficulty in carrying out your normal daily activities, until you get to much more serious pathological conditions. Checking the level of ferritin in blood is an excellent way to check the iron stock in body and, consequently, to promptly identify a possible state of iron deficiency anaemia.