Herbatint Hair Colour

Herbatint 10C Swedish Blonde

No ammonia, resorcinol or paraben. 100% grey cover.

Herbatint, the permanent colouring, will stay in your hair until you choose to let it grow out. Herbatint is ideal for covering grey hair, and the wide variety of colours means you will certainly find your natural shade amongst our range.

the most natural permanent hair colour existing on the market today. The new range of Herbatint colours now being introduced all come with added aloe vera and no ammonia, resorcinol or paraben - and still only 3% peroxide. The herbal based formula comes in the herbal based formula comes in 30 exciting colours, including the 6 Flash fashion colours. Herbatint mixes into a gel and is applied to regrowth with a brush. For people with short hair it allows two applications. It has no smell.


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  • Dosage
  • Precautions

If you have coloured hair to begin with (either natural or previously tinted), you should select a colour that is 2 shades lighter than your required result.

If you have only a few grey hairs, you can select any colour.

If you have up to approximately 50% grey hair, you should select a colour that is 1 shade lighter than your required result. A base colour should be used for over 50% grey.

If you have 100% grey hair, you may choose the desired colour using a base colour from the N series. You may use the corresponding number from the table below to achieve the your required colour if necessary.

Do a patch test to check for allergic reaction.

Digital photos may not be an exact match.