Dolphin Clinic

Dolphin Clinic Breath Of Fresh Air 10ml

Cleansing, refreshing, deodorising and antiseptic. Perfect air freshener for vaporising or cleaning floors and surfaces (add to cleaning water) but also excellent as a refreshing massage or bath blend.


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  • Air freshener for vaporising
  • Cleaning floors and surfaces (add to cleaning water)
  • Refreshing massage or bath blend

Lavender Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Petitgrain Essential Oil
Spearmint Essential Oil

Massage, bathing, vaporisation & inhalation. 6 drops in 10mls carrier oil for massage or bath. 4-6 drops in vaporiser. Inhale direct from bottle. 3 drops in bowl of hot water or shower tray. 20 drops in 200mls water for spray or cleaning.

Avoid during first trimester of pregnancy.