Radiance Multi Power 60 Tablets

Radiance® Multi Power™ is a highly effective and powerful broad-spectrum nutritional daily dietary supplement.The latest research and several international government reports now suggest that daily fortification of the diet with a high quality multi vitamin and mineral may support health and wellbeing and help maintain wellness as we age.


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Stress, work pressure, family demands, illness and many other problems deplete the body of the daily nutrients it needs to function properly and perform at its best. “Tired all the time”, irritability, sluggishness, susceptibility to infection, poor wound healing and low energy are all signs that there may be a nutrient deficiency. A good multi vitamin and mineral supplement is often an important adjunct to any disorder treatment plan as well as for general good health and wellbeing.Radiance® Multi Power™ is a well-balanced, synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals with trace elements, herbs and enzymes in a “green food” base. The tablets are carefully formulated to contain correctly balanced amounts of the vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed and assimilated. 

Ingredients (per tablet):Beta-carotene (Pro-vitamin A 5,000IU) 3.5mg Magnesium 25mgVitamin B1 25mg Manganese 2.5mgVitamin B2 25mg Molybdenum 25µgVitamin B3 25mg Potassium 25mgVitamin B5 25mg Selenium 25µgVitamin B6 25mg Vanadium 25µgVitamin B12 50µg Zinc 7.5mgCholine 25mg Alfalfa juice 50mgInositol 25mg Alpha lipoic acid 25mgPABA 15mg Apple pectin 12.5mgBiotin 50µg Barley grass 125mgFolic acid 200µg Chlorella 125mgVitamin C 250mg Chlorophyll 4.5mgVitamin D 200IU Green tea extract 25mgVitamin E 100IU Lutein 125µgBioflavonoids 25mg Lycopene 125µgRutin 12.5mg Milk thistle extract 25mgBoron 500µg Octacosanol 50µgCalcium 50mg Spirulina 125mgChromium 50µg Amylase 5mgCopper 500µg Bromelian 25mgIodine 75µg Lipase 12.5mgIron (bisglycinate) 5mg Papain 12.5mg

Radiance® Multi Power™ may be helpful wherever the diet is insufficient to meet the daily nutritional needs of the body.

Dosage:One tablet daily.

None known. Always ask your product supplier or health professional if there are any specific precautions regarding your use of this or any supplement.100% vegetarian