Nelson Honey New Zealand

Nelson Honey New Zealand Bee Propolis Throat Spray 30ml

A Manuka Honey and Propolis throat spray can help sore throat symptoms in a convenient manner.

Nelson Honey Bee Propolis is sourced from New Zealand hives only, and this handy Throat Spray with 20% extract is an excellent ready-to-use spray, ideal when travelling or on the run.

Propolis, a resinous material produced by honeybees from plant exudates, has long been used in traditional herbal medicine.

The essential organic compounds present in Propolis are phenolic compounds, esters, flavonoids, terpenes, beta-steroids


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Propolis varies between hives, districts and seasons. It is usually dark brown in color, but colour variations occur depending on available vegetation.

The environment also affects chemical composition. Propolis may contain – resins, balsams, waxes, essential oils, pollen and minerals.

How bees use Propolis

Bees make Propolis to seal cracks and repair other hive damage. Sealing cracks reduces the risk of disease and parasites entering the hive. The resinous nature of Propolis also makes it ideal for preventing putrefaction within the hive, e.g. small mice or lizards that might die in the hive can be sealed in in Propolis.

Propolis uses

Dried Propolis is scraped from hives and frames. The flakes may then be powdered for use or soaked to extract desired constituents. Propolis is used as an innovative preservative.

Antimicrobial activity of honey and Propolis products showed synergic effects, resulting in higher results than those of the base honeys and Propolis extracts.

Water, Pure New Zealand Propolis, Manuka Honey, Propylene Glycol, Aniseed Oil, Clove Oil, Peppermint Oil, Myrrh Tincture, Lecithin.

Shake well before use. Spray into the mouth 2-6 times, as often as required.

Propolis may cause severe allergic reactions. Propolis is not suitable for children.