QLife Aller Ease 20ml Dropper

AllerEase helps symptomatic relief and support your immune system and helps to maintain a balanced immune response, reducing reactivity to seasonal sensitivities and associated discomfort.

The herbs in this formula are chosen for their ability to balance the immune response, calm an overactive or inflammatory reaction, tone tissues, reduce the production of mucus and catarrh and aid in the treatment of reactive conditions of the skin and respiratory tract. 

Airborne irritations such as pollen increase at certain times of the year and can cause debilitating symptoms to many. AllerEase will help provide short term and long term support.


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100% natural, herbal remedy suitable from newborn and for all ages


Pleurisy Root, Sundew, Ground Ivy, Elecampane, White horehound, Black cherry, Pasque flower, Mullein, Astragalus, Baptisia, Echinacea, Licorice, Golden seal, Olive Leaf, Poke Root, Sage, Thyme.

For children:

Acute relief: take 3-5 drops up to 6 times daily

Maintenance: take 3-5 drops 3 x daily

Drops may be given straight into the baby's mouth or from a spoon, in water or a bottle, or on food. 

For adults:

Acute relief: take 10 drops up to 6 times daily

Use drops straight in the mouth or pop into a water bottle to sip throughout the day, or on food. 

Drops can be given at any time, and there are no interactions with other medications to worry about. Easy peasy. Use maximum frequency of dosing when needed for more acute relief, and less often as maintenance or prevention, especially during vulnerable times.