Lifestream Astazan 60 Capsules

Powerful antioxidant which also assists in exercise recovery


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Why should I take Lifestream Astazan? Lifestream Astazan contains Astaxanthin which has been proven to be an extremely effective antioxidant which is active in all cells of the body.  It has the unique ability to pass the human blood-brain barrier, delivering antioxidant properties to the brain, nervous system and eyes.  Astaxanthin is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, providing benefit to those with Rheumatoid Arthritis, RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Product benefits:Highly effective antioxidant, Sun Protection, Provides exercise recovery and improved muscle indurance, Effective anti-inflammatory agent proven to be effective against the 4 major causes of inflammation in the human body, Helps protect the skin from UV ray sun damage, Has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier delivering antioxidant protection to the brain, nervous system and eyes.

Product Features:Active in all cells of the body, More powerful and effective than many other antioxidants, Vegetarian capsule, No animal products or by-products, no fillers or binders or artificial preservatives or flavours, Gluten free, GMO free

Active Ingredients: Astaxanthin, Lutein, Vitamin E

Dosage:1-4 capsules daily

Best taken with meals for optimum absorption.